Monday, February 14, 2011

if I'm being honest...

If I'm being honest, I wasn't honest in my last post.

I said I wouldn't go back.

And honestly. That's not true.

If I'm being honest, I still love him with every fiber of my being.

And if I'm being honest, if he called me and told me we should try to work things out, I would give it my whole heart and my best effort.

Because who wants to wonder 'what if'....who wants to wonder what could have been.


  1. I think I understand that more than most. But how many chances are too many? When is enough, enough?

  2. 'What ifs' are the worst parts of life.

  3. Thanks for being honest....sometimes u have to follow ur heart ... <3 best of luck to u

  4. I understand that feeling all too well. :(


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