Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I wish I had something witty, funny, or inspirational to say about heartbreaks. But honestly..I don't. I'll tell you what I do know about them...

They hurt. Heartbreaks hurt whether you're a 5 year old in Kindergarten, or whether you're an adult. They hurt you solidly to the bones. They make you feel like you're not going to ever be able to go on. They make you feel like you're drowning. When you have your heartbroken, you have to remind yourself to breathe from time to time, because it feels like the weight of the world is down upon you and you just can't move. It hurts you to your core. No one can understand what someone else's heartbreak is like, because it's yours and yours alone. It is one of the most painful things you'll ever experience. Heartbreak comes in so many forms...relationships, deaths, anything that turns your world upside down and shakes you until it hurts for someone to physically touch you. Every morning you wake up, you'll want to be back asleep...sleeping until you wake up and it doesn't hurt anymore.'ll wake up, and it'll hurt a lot less. And eventually you'll wake up and it won't hurt at all.

It doesn't happen over night...waiting for the pain to go away could take a long, long time. And you won't ever forget what happened to break your heart. But it won't hurt anymore. And it might have even taught you something.

So just remember...everyday you wake up, and feel like you can't move because of the weight of sadness, and you can't breathe because it feels like your drowning...just remember that one'll be gone.

You'll be okay.

I'll be okay.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

current pregnancy cravings: 2.

I am a self-proclaimed water snob.

these look so junky and fattening and yummy.

ideally eggs, turkey bacon, turkey sausage,
home fries, pancakes, and a biscuit.

cut up with dip.

slightly frozen. perfection.

Monday, January 24, 2011

i know...

I know so much more than you think I do.

I know that you found them online.

I know that you told them about me.

I know that you told them that if it was worth it, you'd play the field.

I know that we should've been worth it.

I know that you sent them inappropriate pictures.

I know that you talked to them while I was around you.

I know that you sat there and lied to my face when I asked you about them.

I know that I didn't confront you.

I know that it takes each person their own amount of time to deal with things.

I know that you'll make excuses.

I know that I won't believe them.

I know that I won't trust anything you say again.

I know that I don't hate you.

I know that I don't dislike you.

I know that my boys will not see that this is acceptable.

I know that I'm insanely sad and heartbroken.

I know that I will be sad for a long time.

I know that I will be okay.

I know that I am worth so much more.

So, so much more.

You taught me that.

And for that, I thank you.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


4. You can always come to me if you're in trouble.
Even if what got you in trouble is exactly what I told you not to do.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


3. You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Lesson 2: No one can make you feel anything you don't want to.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

for my boys.

I've been seeing lots of Mama's (and other Dad's too actually) write little notes to their kids. Like...rules of life, wisdom nuggets, whatever you want to call them.

So. I'm jumping on this bandwagon.

Maybe not once a day. For a year. But just little nuggets of wisdom that I want my boys to know. Things that I think they should learn. Real life. Real emotions. Real things.

I think I'm going to put them into a book. A book where they can look back...I could look all the real life things I taught them, that in between telling them to clean their room's and eat their vegetables, might have gotten lost in the shuffle.

Lesson 1: Never be too proud to ask for help. It's okay to need it. And even better if you can admit it.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I feel like I failed.

But I know deep inside I really didn't.

I feel like I was supposed to forgive him.

But I know can't.

I feel like maybe I could have forgiven him if it was just once.

But it really wasn't.

I feel scared that I'm doing this all alone again.

But I think I'm okay with that.

I feel worried about what people will say and think.

But that's the last thing I should be concerned about.

I feel like this is the best choice for myself and my children.

But it doesn't make it any less difficult.

I feel like this is my fault.

But I know inside of me it isn't.

I feel like I was supposed to stick it out with him and make it work.

But I know I am worth so much more than that.

I feel like me and my boys going to be okay.

No more 'buts'.
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